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Rotimi Pitan

Arial View Nigeria Limited
Chief Executive Officer
1)Foodie? Nope! And “why the pot belly?” jokes not appreciated

2)Work Out? Does owning a commercial size treadmill and installing it in your living room count?

3)Adventurous? I’m a Man Utd fan, Jose has purged such silly notions in every aspect of my life

4)Am I fun? Only in small circles of close friends. With my “always on hand” mobile Bluetooth speaker & thousands of songs on my phone, I am the unpaid DJ at every party

5)Am I strategic? Anyone strategic in Nigeria is in Oil & Gas and I am in Telecoms!!! Funny thing though, brands and clients across different verticals actually think I know a thing or two from years spent formulating and executing Marketing Strategy in Blue Chip Multi-Nationals so the Strategy & Consulting arm of my business does some decent revenues

6)Experienced? First 10 years in 2 leading Telcos spent mainly in Legal, Marketing Strategy and Branding. Last 5 years running my own business; achieving Top 10 Revenue Generating partner to Nigeria’s leading Telco, winning Industry Awards, Service Provider to some brands you might have heard of like Coca-Cola, Dangote Cement, McVities, Goal.com, MTN, Viacom (MTV Base, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon etc.), AXA Mansard etc. Yes, I guess I’ve been around for a bit

7)Hard Working? Not really, I squeeze just 12-14 working hours daily in to keeping “an eye” on my businesses - a Fully Integrated Marketing Agency, Promotions Consultancy, Digital Marketing Agency, Value Added Services (VAS Provider to all 4 Telcos operating in Nigeria) and a Marketing Strategy & Consultancy Firm. Our businesses provide services to clients globally. Other than the 12-14 working hours and 4-5 hours of sleep insomnia allows me daily, I generally bum around…

8)Interests? Some but generally, the banks never give enough…

9)Favorite Destination? IITA Ibadan (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture), any day! My family thinks I like IITA because I’m a cheap skate so don’t believe my deep, genuine desire to know how cassava can be grown faster is the driver to us going there just once every year!
In my defence though, which guy doesn’t want a zero shopping, no visa requirements, airport or forex hassles holiday destination? You don’t even have to wonder why dude sat in aisle ahead of you on the plane keeps counting the number of people onboard. It being (cough, cough), extremely pocket friendly is just an inconvenience I have to deal with…

10)My Passions? God, My Family, My Team at work, Close friends, Youth Entrepreneurship, Helping Less Privileged and yes, Man Utd under Fergie….

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